This policy applies to all Students accessing the CAU email service. The policy will be reviewed annually.

CAU Conditional Email Usage policy applies to both students and staff.

  1. Access is for university study or work purposes, with an allowance for reasonable personal use outside of work hours.
  1. You must refrain from sending chain-letters, obscene, harassing or non-work related emails.
  1. You are required to advise MIS department staff of any security issues or breaches that you become aware of.
  1. You must not share your logon or password information to anyone.
  1. You accept that all actions and usage may be monitored or recorded.
  1. You must not use University systems to attempt to gain unauthorized access to other systems.
  1. You must not use University technological resources for commercial purposes without explicit permission.
  1. You must not send unsolicited e-mail messages to multiple users, unless explicitly approved by the appropriate University authority.
  1. Access for the following purposes is specifically prohibited:
  1. CAU's IT systems and networks are not to be used for any unlawful activities, including violation of copyright, hacking and the deliberate spreading of viruses or malicious code.

Violations of these Terms of Use can result in CAU disciplinary action, dismissal or in extreme cases referral to appropriate authorities.

Users can contact the MIS department at (305) 593-1223 ext. 205, or via email for advice on issues or problems.