1. Username

  2. Password

  3. Your Email Address

  4. Login Window


User name 


Username is your student number with a few minor changes.

To get your student email username, take your student identification number and add an M to the beginning. For example, if your student number  is 12345, put an "M" in front of the e.g. M12345


Student number 12345 translates to user name M12345.

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If this is the first time you have used the email service, your password is your date of birth in the format Month, Date and Year. Password:  If you were born on the March 1, 1976, then your password is in the form MMDDYYYY e.g. 03011976


Your password is the month, date and year of your birth.

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Your email address 


Your Student email address  is your username with @student.albizu.edu added. e.g. Username M12345 address is M12345@student.albizu.edu


 Student number 12345 translates to email address  M12345@students.albizu.edu

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Login Window


The first step in checking your email is to login using your credentials. Below is an example of the login dialog box

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