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The SEFLIN Library Card allows borrowing privileges at other campus libraries. 

1. SEFLIN Library Cards will be made available to all Carlos Albizu University full-time faculty, professional staff and students upon request.

2. Individuals must have no outstanding library obligations (fines, overdue materials, etc.), and have a favorable borrowing record with the Albizu Library. 
Individuals must be either currently employed or enrolled at Carlos Albizu University.

3. Non-degree seeking students, adjunct faculty, and alumni are not eligible to receive SEFLIN library cards.

4. Cards will be issued for one academic year to faculty members, professional staff, and for one academic session to students.

5. Upon notification of delinquency from the landing library, the patron will be notified.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended until all obligations to the library have been met.

6. SEFLIN Library Cardholders will agree to abide by the rules of the lending library including delinquency fines and lost material charges.

7. A list of all campuses that are SEFLIN members are located at the Circulation Desk.

8. SEFLIN Library Card application requests are located at the Circulation Desk.
B. SEFLIN Library Card lending privileges at  Carlos Albizu University

1. Lending privileges at  Carlos Albizu University are extended to full-time currently employed faculty, staff and students enrolled in institutions of higher education (SEFLIN Members) upon presentation of a valid institutional identification.

2. The loan period is two weeks.  Material may be renewed one time by request prior to the original expiration date.

3. Audiovisual material may be viewed only in the library.

- Psychological testing materials are restricted to qualified Carlos Albizu University faculty and students.  They are not available for loan or review to any other party.

- All Carlos Albizu University charges for overdue and lost books apply to these special borrowers.  The borrower will accept the responsibility for the timely return of material and/or the payment of any necessary charges.
C. SEFLIN Library Card Rules and Regulations

1. The holder must present the card at each library where special use and borrowing privileges are desired. The lending library will make arrangements (issue a card or equivalent) which must be presented each time materials are borrowed.

2. The SEFLIN library card issued by the home campus of a person and the card issued (or arrangements) for checkout privileges made by the lending campus library are valid for only one academic semester or term at a time.  Expired cards will not be honored.

3. A cardholder should utilize his/her home campus’ library materials or services before requesting materials or services from another participating library.  The purpose of the card is to give access to materials or services not available at one’s home campus’ library.

4. The rules for library use and checkout privileges are those set by the lending campus’ library.  Those rules may include, but are not limited to, number of books issued, type of materials loaned, length of loans, renewal policies, charges for overdue or lost materials, and fees or deposits.  Violation of the rules or delinquency in borrowing renders the cardholder ineligible for continued use or issuance of another card at a later date unless the directors of both the home and lending campus’ libraries consent.

5. Borrowed materials must be returned directly to the campus’ library from which they were borrowed.

6. The lending library will report unrecovered books or damages to the home campus of the borrower/user.  The home campus will impose its own sanctions upon the borrower/user for library delinquency or material damage.

- Please contact the lending campus’ library for specific use/borrowing rules and regulations.

A. Additional SEFLIN Services
1. SEFLIN Free Net: SEFLIN Free Net has been converted to a World Wide Web (www) site. This web site offers easy accessibility to community information, Hypertext Links, Enhanced Index and Internet Search tools, open Internet access and graphics.

2. E-Mail: SEFLIN Free Net offers free e-mail accounts.  Applications are available at the Circulation Desk.

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